Kyanite & Lapis Drop Earrings


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Kyanite & Lapis Drop Earrings

Lapis & kyanite suspended with silver toned coin and beads.

Measures 2-1/8″ from top of wire

Non allergenic wires, can be switched to stainless or sterling upon request for an additional $1.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of royalty, power, vision and honor.  Egyptians crushed it to use to color stone and for blue cosmetics.  During the Renaissance, artist used it for the blue in skies and water.  It has been sought after since the beginning of history.  It is thought to help regulate the endocrine & thyroid glands and benefit the vocal cords and throat.

Kyanite is considered a very powerful stone.  It is used to restore balance & harmony.  It is a grounding stone and believed to help with communication.


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