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Natural Stones, Copper, Sterling & Stainless 

Jewelry is A Piece of Your Heart

Whether it’s a fun piece to show your own taste and style, a cherished strand of pearls from your grandmother, a locket you received when your first child was born, a bracelet that you and your sisters all have alike or a memorial piece to always care a part of someone you love and have lost with you, jewelry calls up memories and with it, a piece of your heart.  Each piece of handmade jewelry or decor created at WV3 Designs is a labor of love and includes a peace of my heart. Whether you are searching for a unique new piece to liven up your wardrobe, a way to honor someone you’ve lost, or that perfect piece for your wedding, you’ll find just the right thing here.  if you don’t find the perfect fit, contact me to create it for you.

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Properties, Legends & Lore

Stones, crystals and metals have been used for healing for centuries.  Learn more about their actual properties, traditional uses & the extraordinary power they are believed to possess.

Follow the Journey

Follow the creation process.  Each pieces has it’s own story.  Learn more about the inspiration and the stories behind some of our designs.

Turquoise Stone Meaning

Turquoise Stone Meaning

Turquoise Stone Meaning When we think of turquoise, southwestern style is usually what comes to mind, but turquoise has been prized for centuries by the ancient Egyptians, Persians and Native Americans among others.  In fact, turquoise was mentioned in the bible as...

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Hematite A dark-colored, shiny stone, hematite gets its metallic, mirror like sheen from the iron that is its main component.  In its natural state, hematite’s iron content is covered in rust, earning its name, which comes from a Latin phrase meaning “blood stone”....

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Wire Wrapped/Weaved

Most wire wrapped  and wire weaved pieces are created using materials that come from the earth.  Semi-precious stones, 100% copper, sterling silver and other natural materials make each piece unique.


Show off your fun side with an artistic, nature-inspired, and playful combination of materials and textures.  Boho style goes from the office to a casual trip to town to a relaxing day exploring out of the way places.


Your wedding accessories should be as unique as you.  Instead of some mass produced pieces that everyone has, your jewelry should reflect your own style and be custom made just for you.


Inspired by vintage pieces, the southwestern style collection includes works in turquoise, coral, arrowheads, silver and copper.


Losing someone you love is something you never “get over”.  Honoring them with a accessory custom made with a special stone or in their favorite color is a way to keep them with you wherever you go.  Each piecs is lovingly made with your loved one in mind and inspired by the loss of my son.


Handmade crosses & rosaries.  Each cross is handmade & hand forged from sterling silver.  Chains are hand connected using stainless steel for strength, with your choice of semi-precious stone.

Happy Customers

Picture Doesn’t Do It Justice

Got my Rosary today. The picture really doesn’t do it justice. It is absolutely beautiful!  I will cherish it always.  I seriously can’t stop looking at it. thank you so very much! You are amazing!

jade rosary
Kathy K.

Massive Thank You

I would like to say a massive thank you.  My parcel arrived today on the 46 week mark since my gal became our angel and what a beautiful parcel to receive…. My children and I always say love u 2 the moon for infinity.  This gift is perfect.  I know your son would be smiling down on you and so proud of how you honor him.  Not only have you embraced something he loved to do and to give you as a gift, you have made it even more special by using your talent and sharing a little part of him with some of us grieving mothers.  Although I have never met either of u I know I feel special to have a gift from you and your angel.

wire wrapped copper blue moon jewelry
Heidi H.

It’s Gorgeous

I got the watch band tonight!!! It is gorgeous. Woo hoo!! I absolutely love it.  The pictures don’t do it justice. Just lovely in person. I love the variety of pearls and the silver accents are perfectly placed. It is really quite lovely. Thank you so much for taking the time to work around the roadblocks and create something so precious so I can show off a meaningful present from my son. I’m sure your son is looking down at you proudly and glad to see you carrying on in spite of your grief and pain.  Thanks again for all of the effort and creativity you put into it. I love it.

pearl watch
Dianna H.

It’s Breathtaking

My necklace arrived today, with perfect timing….it is breathtaking, literally.  I went to put on the necklace and I couldn’t breathe. But as soon as I put it on a wave of complete peace consumed me.  Thank you so very much for all of your time and prayers you put in making my precious memorial.

Pink Agate Statement Necklace
Melody H.

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Create Your Own Style

Everyone's style & taste are different.  We want to know more about your story, what's important to you.  You become part of the design process.  Your piece sould be a unique as you are.

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