Happy Customers

It’s Breathtaking

My necklace arrived today, with perfect timing….it is breathtaking, literally.  I went to put on the necklace and I couldn’t breathe. But as soon as I put it on a wave of complete peace consumed me.  Thank you so very much for all of your time and prayers you put in making my precious memorial.

Pink Agate Statement Necklace
Melody H.


You guys rock you made a piece that will be with me forever

Eric Dumas

Absolutely Beautiful!

I just recently got a beautiful bracelet from WV3 Designs as a gift and it is already one of my favorite pieces of jewelry I own! It truly feels like it was made just for me! I am so glad to have gotten my new bracelet from WV3 Designs and I will definitely be getting more jewelry from them soon!

Christina Miles

Stunning Cascading Peals

I received this stunning necklace during a giveaway. It has Pearls cascading down from a beautiful setting at the top. It is perfect for my date nights and even my work outfits. I love it so very much!!


Personal touch

Susan always incorporates the client’s personal concept into her pieces. Always very pleased.

Turquoise Moonstone and Opal Statement Necklace

Bridal Earrings

I choose a beautiful pair of earrings that Susan had made. They were the perfect compliment to my dress and it feels good knowing that I have something unique, one of a kind! Love them!

Anna Knott Hooyer

Perfect Client Gift!

I ordered candles with my logo on them for Christmas and new client gifts for my small business. I still get huge thank yous from my clients because they are not only beautifully done but they smell SO GOOD! Not to mention they are also supporting another local small business.

Courtney Willoughby

It’s Gorgeous

I got the watch band tonight!!! It is gorgeous. Woo hoo!! I absolutely love it.  The pictures don’t do it justice. Just lovely in person. I love the variety of pearls and the silver accents are perfectly placed. It is really quite lovely. Thank you so much for taking the time to work around the roadblocks and create something so precious so I can show off a meaningful present from my son. I’m sure your son is looking down at you proudly and glad to see you carrying on in spite of your grief and pain.  Thanks again for all of the effort and creativity you put into it. I love it.

pearl watch
Dianna H.

Love the jewery!

I have bought a few bracelets and my most recent purchase was a necklace and matching earrings for myself for Christmas. I absolutely love them.


Candles as client gifts

I needed something to gift to clients as gifts and in gift baskets. I chose the scented candles. Susan and WV3 designed a great label using my logo for the candle jar and the candle aroma was fantastic. I highly recommend!

Tanya Hendrix

Massive Thank You

I would like to say a massive thank you.  My parcel arrived today on the 46 week mark since my gal became our angel and what a beautiful parcel to receive…. My children and I always say love u 2 the moon for infinity.  This gift is perfect.  I know your son would be smiling down on you and so proud of how you honor him.  Not only have you embraced something he loved to do and to give you as a gift, you have made it even more special by using your talent and sharing a little part of him with some of us grieving mothers.  Although I have never met either of u I know I feel special to have a gift from you and your angel.

wire wrapped copper blue moon jewelry
Heidi H.

Picture Doesn’t Do It Justice

Got my Rosary today. The picture really doesn’t do it justice. It is absolutely beautiful!  I will cherish it always.  I seriously can’t stop looking at it. thank you so very much! You are amazing!

jade rosary
Kathy K.

Beautiful pieces & I LOVE mine!

The necklace o received is gorgeous & you can tell there is heart & soul put into making these. I love it & thank you so much!!!! ?

Stacy Morgan

Great Client Gifts

I ordered the candles for gifts to clients during our remodeling Open House and everyone loved them! The best part was the personalization made it a unique gift for our clients! Couldn’t recommend them strongly enough!!

Lee Donaldson

Way to go! Gorgeous!

Cheers to you guys! What a great website! Beautiful works of art…..keep pushing to be the best you can be!
Wishing you success in 2019!
Remember say this in the mirror everyday I AM ENOUGH. Write it down all the time….Those 3 powerful words you say to yourself will change your life. Peace and love be with you all



Susan and Woody are great wonderful people to interact with inside and outside the business. Highly recommend. Susan went as far as making things for my wedding, such as custom candles.

Wes wright


I have the most beautiful crystal suncatcher! It throws beautiful rainbows all over my living room when the sun shines into a big picture window.


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