Wire Wrapped/Weaved

Most wire wrapped  and wire weaved pieces are created using materials that come from the earth.  Semi-precious stones, 100% copper, sterling silver and other natural materials make each piece unique.


Show off your fun side with an artistic, nature-inspired, and playful combination of materials and textures.  Boho style goes from the office to a casual trip to town to a relaxing day exploring out of the way places.


Your wedding accessories should be as unique as you.  Instead of some mass produced pieces that everyone has, your jewelry should reflect your own style and be custom made just for you.


Inspired by vintage pieces, the southwestern style collection includes works in turquoise, coral, arrowheads, silver and copper.


Losing someone you love is something you never "get over".  Honoring them with a accessory custom made with a special stone or in their favorite color is a way to keep them with you wherever you go.  Each piecs is lovingly made with your loved one in mind and inspired by the loss of my son.


Handmade crosses & rosaries.  Each cross is handmade & hand forged from sterling silver.  Chains are hand connected using stainless steel for strength, with your choice of semi-precious stone.

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