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Hand-Poured – Soy Wax – Cotton Wicks – Maximum High-quality Fragrance Content

After losing our son, WV3 Designs (his initials), began as a way to share his love of natural stones. Candles were his favorite gift to give. Wanting a way to share that too, the WV3 Designs candle collections were born. Ten Stones is named after the 10 stones he always kept with him. Indigo Lily is named for his beloved dog, Indigo, & the name he often talked of naming his first daughter, Lily.  In nature, the Indigo Mood Lily is a deep purple, his favorite color.  Each candle is named for the mood the fragrance is said to evoke. 

Available in 6 or 8 oz tines, each candle contains a polished or pre-drilled stone. One in every 20 contains a pendant, ring, or necklace.

The Indigo Lily candle collection offers pure white candles a modern 12 oz glass jar.  Available in the same scents, names, and high fragrance ratio of the Ten Stones line, without the color or included stone.

12 oz soy candles

Indigo Lily wax melts contain the same high-quality fragrance to use in your warmer.  Each melt pack is enhanced with dried flowers.

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