Hand-Poured – Soy Wax – Cotton Wicks – Maximum High-quality Fragrance Content

Enjoy premium soy candles at affordable prices.


Each candle contains a cotton wick, is hand-poured in small batches, using soy wax, and loaded with fragrance.


      • Non-Toxic: Natural and biodegradable.  No harmful fumes and better for the environment.
      • Last Longer:  Burns at a cooler temperature, so it doesn’t evaporate as quickly.
      • Water Soluble:  Cleans up easily with warm soapy water
      • Stronger Fragrance:  Since it burns cleaner & steadier than petroleum-based waxes, the fragrance comes through stronger, but more gradually.

Available in 2, 6, and 8 oz tins and tealight tins, each candle tin contains a polished or pre-drilled stone. One in every 20 contains a handmade piece of jewelry.  The Ten Stones Collection makes a great gift for anyone who loves gemstones or surprises.  Each tin comes with instructions on how to retrieve the stone inside. 

The Indigo Lily candle collection offers pure white candles a modern, reusable highball glass, soy wax melts, and 2 oz tins.  Available in the same scents, names, and high fragrance ratio of the Ten Stones line, without the color or included stone.

12 Oz Jars

8 Oz Tin

Wax Melts

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