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Elevate your driving experience with our high-quality vent clip freshies. Made with only the finest fragrance oils, these freshies will keep your car smelling amazing for weeks. Simply clip one on your car’s vent, and the air from the vent will gently diffuse the fragrance throughout your vehicle. The compact and discreet design of the clip makes it easy to use and perfect for use in any vehicle. With a variety of scents and pictures to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect freshie to match your mood and style. Order now and experience the refreshing and long-lasting fragrance of our vent clip freshies.

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Although made for car vent clips, our freshies can also be used indoors on a fan, air purifier, or air conditioner.

Do not lay on the dash or any surface, scent & color may stain.  Do not use them in a wax burner or attempt to melt them.

Most fragrances are in stock and will ship within 1-2 days.  Some sizes will be custom-made and will ship within 3-4 days.

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Apples & Maple Bourbon, Blood Orange, Chocolate Fudge, Cranberry Woods, Fresh Coffee, Grapefruit & Mangosteen, Hazelnut Coffee, Honeysuckle Jasmine, Island Escape, Lemon Verbena, Mint Mojito, Oakmoss & Amber, Peach Nectar, Peppermint & Eucalyptus, Red Currant, Sea Salt


Adventure, Apple Maple Bourbon, Apple Strudel, Believe, Breath, Butterfly, Chocolate, Classic, Coffee 1, Coffee 2, Cranberry Woods, Create, Do Your Thing, Dog Mom, Dream, Enjoying My Space, Good Vibes, Grapefruit, Hazelnut, Island Escape, Lemon, Make Today Great, Mojito, Peachy Keen, Sea Salt, Stay Strong, You’ve Got This, Custom


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