What do you design for two little girls who have lost their dad?  I knew that whatever I created had to be sturdy to survive two young girls who might not know how to care for it properly yet.  It also had to be small angel heartenough so that it looked proportionate on them.  But, how do you create something that reassures them that he loved them more than anything else in the world and that he would be here with them if he could?  A grandmother in Scotland asked me to design something for her granddaughters, ages around 5 and 7 to remind them of their dad, gone too soon.  I know at that age, death is a hard concept.  It’s hard enough when you are older, but so young, my heart went out to them.  That was my “ah-ha” moment.  They needed to know their father’s heart was always with them even if he wasn’t.  Their grandmother also shared that pink was both of their favorite colors.  I decided to design in stainless steel so it had the strength last for them.  The final design is a stainless heart, a little twisted from the pain I knew they were both facing, but intact to show their father’s love for them, with pink stones encased in the heart and an angel suspended from the bottom.  Both have the same elements to show that through they are going through the same thing, but different to show they are both individual and will face it differently.  I hope they someday understand the love that went into making these pieces for them and are reassured of their father’s love for them.

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