Anniversaries are milestones.  They are a chance to look back at how far you’ve come together and to look forward to the journey ahead.

The gift of jewelry is a natural choice for an anniversary.  After all, marriage starts with the exchange of rings.  You’ve probably heard of silver (25 year) and golden (50 year) anniversaries, but did you know there is a stone or metal attached to every year?

If your significant other doesn’t wear jewelry, there are other options to choose from.  Keyrings, rearview mirror charms, suncatchers, and other decorative items can all be created using the anniversary’s stone or metal.

1st:  gold

2nd: garnet

3rd: pearls

4th: blue topaz

5th: sapphire

6th: amethyst

7th: onyx

8th: tourmaline

9th: lapis lazuli

10th: diamond

11th: turquoise

12th: jade

13th: citrine

14th: opal

15th: ruby

16th: peridot

17th: watches

18th: cat’s eye

19th: aquamarine

20th: emerald

21st: iolite

22nd: spinel

23rd: imperial topaz

24th: tanzanite

25th: silver

30th: pearl

35th: emerald

40th: ruby

45th: sapphire

50th: golden jubilee

55th: alexandrite

60th: diamond

70th: platinum

75th: sapphire

80th: ruby


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