I love creating pieces from someone’s treasured memory. A customer brought the cameo her daughter had purchased in Italy to me, the middle picture, and asked me to turn it into something she would wear. After consulting with her to find out her style and what she was hoping to see, I created this freshwater pearl necklace. When I gave it to her today, she loved it and put it on. cameo with freshwater pearlsI told her I was so happy she was pleased and would wear it more now. She told me it was the first time she’d worn it. That’s what I love, turning a memory into something you want to show off.

The cameo was small and she wanted to be able to do a pearl drop from it.  The challenge for me was to build a cage in silver that would capture the small piece, yet be strong enough to hold some weight for the freshwater pearl hanging from it and the bail attached to the chain.  I also wanted to give the piece some dimension on the cage without overpowering the centerpiece, so chose a braided silver wire for the face.  The chain it’s suspended from is a handmade “rosary” style, using more freshwater pearls to accentuate the larger drop at the bottom.

This gorgeous cameo, blessed by the pope, now has new life.  A wonderful memory from the thoughtfulness of her daughter and a design she can be proud to wear.  And she does, I see her often at business events wearing it.


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