Ranging from a dark brick red to a soft red-brown, it is highly electrical and conductive.  The third most abundant trace mineral found in the human body, copper is transported throughout the bloodstream with the help of proteins.  The liver and brain contain the largest amounts.


Health & Healing

Most people need around 3mg of copper per day.  Copper has been used for medicinal purposes and healing for thousands of years.  Helpful for use in heart disease, cancer, anemia and rheumatoid arthritis, it can also be used in the treatment of wounds, skin diseases and joint stiffness.  It can also improve circulation, energy and help detoxify the body.

It is an important support of collagen and elastin production & is a component of melanin, which gives color to the eyes, hair, and skin.  Copper is responsible for keeping the hair from turning grey or thinning out.  The body requires it to produce enzymes that prevent hardening of the arteries and to help maintain connective tissue & bones.

Placing it next to the skin can help soothe arthritis, rheumatism and other problems associated with inflammation.  It improves circulation, helps with exhaustion and lessens pain.  It can improve oxygen exchange and filter pollutants out of the lungs.

Cleaning Copper

Dip copper jewelry in a solution of lemon juice, salt and warm water to remove tarnish.  Leave it submerged for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.  Repeat if necessary.  You can also use ketchup and a soft bristled brush.  If you use ketchup, make sure it doesn’t touch any gemstones.  It can dull the gemstone’s appearance.


Copper and Wealth

We’ve all heard that there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but copper may help you find the end of it.  It is said to attract money, prosperity and abundance by drawing wealth to you.  It is believed to sharpen intuition, increase optimism, make it easier to adapt to situations and allow you to be more intuitive about financial decisions.

 Love and Relationships

Known as the “love metal”, copper has believed to make you more in tune with your emotions, increase communication skills and become more kind, forgiving and understanding.

Absorb Energy

Negative energy is absorbed by copper.  Used it to attract positive change in a space, it can become dull over time and needs to be cleaned for optimal effects.

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