A dark-colored, shiny stone, hematite gets its metallic, mirror like sheen from the iron that is its main component.  In its natural state, hematite’s iron content is covered in rust, earning its name, which comes from a Latin phrase meaning “blood stone”.

Health & Healing

With such a high iron content, it’s only natural that hematite has been valued for centuries for its healing properties.   It is believed to ease anxiety and stress and work positively on the heart and circulatory system.  Hematite’s main property could be described as “grounding.”  It should only be used  externally.


Hematite is connected to the earth and is believed to be one of the best stones for finances.  If you’re seeking a raise, promotion or other advancement it is a good choice to incorporate into your life.  It also is a good stone to help with organizing thoughts and developing logical thinking.

Love and Relationships 

Hematite repels negative, attention seeking behavior and helps foster an attitude of appreciation.

How to Use

Necklaces and bracelets place hematite at your pulse points, maximizing its energy.  Wide, cuff style bracelets and choker necklaces work best, but bangles, pendants and strings of stones also work.

Placing it around your house helps dispel negativity.  Placing it under your pillow can help those suffering from insomnia caused by anxiety and help dispel nightmares

Best Combinations

Since Hematite has earth energy, it is very effective in creating balance when combined with stones from other elements.  Regularly combine it with stones that increase positive energy.

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