Labradorite, named after the Labrador Peninsula, was believed by natives of Canada to be the result of the northern lights, created by frozen fire, and that some of those lights are still trapped in the stone.  Because of the parallel formation of minerals in this stone, the light bounces back-and-forth. It shimmers a deep blue to blue-green to green in the light.

It’s iridescent bring to mind a magical world where anything is possible.  Instead of being a grounding stone, it reminds us to keep our heads in the clouds.  It may help to open up the sub-conscience mind, leading to unexpected solutions.  The perfect stone for artists, writers, and composers, labradorite is thought to attract good luck and awaken creativity.  If you are looking to expand your mind, it is a good choice.

It is believed to inspire feelings of self-confidence, enthusiasm, and inspiration.  It is also thought to help those suffering from rheumatism and arthritis.

Copper tree of life on round labradorite

Copper tree of life on round labradorite

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