Jasper & Copper Cuff Bracelet


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Jasper & Copper Cuff Bracelet

Beautiful jsasper centerpiece wire wrapped in 100% copper.  This adjustable bracelet measures 6.5″ long.  It is made to be worn open in the back to fit wrist from 6″-9″ wrist.  Ends can be overlapped for a smaller wrist or left with a larger opening for a larger wrist.

Jasper is wrapped in silver fluted connector.

Known as a nurturing stone, jasper is thought to clear your head and soothe your heart, giving a sense of peace and relaxation.

Copper is used in many body processes.  Most people are deficient, but taking copper orally can result in toxicity.  Wearing it close to the skin in jewelry allows slow absorption and aiding in those processes.


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