Sleeping Beauty Turquoise in Steam Punk Setting


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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise in Steam Punk Setting

Love the gears of steam punk style and turquoise of southwestern style?  This unique piece brings them both together with a sleeping beauty focal bead.

Measures 1″ round.

Sleeping beauty turquoise was mined out of Arizona.  The mine is now closed.  This beautiful form of turquoise can only be found in private stashes now.

Depending on the setting, turquoise fits almost any occasion.  It comes in a wide range of colors, from white to blue to green to yellow.  Stones with a higher copper content have more of a blue hue.  Higher iron content cause a more greenish hue.  Appearing in ancient Egypt as early as 6000BC in amulets and adornment for King Tut and Cleopatra, turquoise has been used for centuries for personal protection, calm and a good luck charm.  Native Americans considered it a sacred stone.  Used for wholeness, Truth, circulation, communication.


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