Zebra Jasper & Bamboo Coral Earrings


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Zebra Jasper & Bamboo Coral Earrings

Give your outfit a pop of color with these bamboo coral and zebra jasper earrings.

Measures 2″ from top of wire.

2 pair available, due the the nature of natural stones, your order may vary slightly from pictured. Non allergenic wires, can be switched to stainless or sterling upon request for an additional $1.

A calming stone, zebra jasper is known as a grounding stone.  It is also thought to help with kidneys & bladder, ease muscle spasms and improve skin.

Bamboo coral is said to bring luck and has been used for centuries for protection.  It is thought to support emotional structures as well as the bone structure, often used to help with arthritis, osteoporosis and bone disease.


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