Creating pieces for a wedding is so much fun!  Although I’ve had customers purchase pre-made pieces to wear for their wedding, this was my first chance to design specifically for one.  My wedding and event group decided to add an additional bridal expo this year.  Instead of doing the normal vendor table with attendees stopping by, we staged a mock wedding.  Think planning and hosting a real wedding, but with more glitches involved.  I won’t go into details, but the vendors who participated went above and beyond to pull it off and make it a success.

As not only the director of the event, but also a vendor with WV3 Designs, I had the opportunity to design three different looks for three different dresses and the bridesmaid’s jewelry.  


The Dresses – The Looks

The first dress was ballgown style with a v-neck in the front, but with an open back.  If you think about it, during the ceremony, everyone is focused on the bride’s back.  Instead of creating a necklace that captured attention from the front, I chose to accentuate the open back.  The front was a choker with 3 freshwater pearls and a crystal focal piece.  The back featured a drop that mimicked the choker with freshwater pearls and the same crystal centerpiece dropping down the bride’s back. 

 Bridal back drop necklace

Dress number two, once again had an open back, but with a higher neckline.  It was covered in beautiful, creamy white, teardrop shaped sequins.  I chose to mimic the sequins with a single focal bead that closely resembled them in front and a freshwater pearl drop with the same focal point duplicate on the back. 

bride back drop necklace

Dress number 3 featured a high back with a v-neck, so the focus was on the front this time.  I chose a statement necklace made of stainless steel, featuring freshwater pearls.  I love this statement necklace.  It’s unique, but not overpowering and sure to keep all attention on the bride.

Bride statement necklace

The Wedding Party

Everyone knows that the bridesmaids shouldn’t outshine the bride.  But wearing pieces made especially for them that incorporate the wedding colors and elements of the dresses, makes the entire party look pulled together.  The dresses for this event were taupe and champagne.  The wedding colors were chocolate and teal/tiffany blue.  With that in mind, I chose to design their jewelry in copper to pull out the rich brown theme and add a blue chardonnay stone to the necklace and bracelet to tie in the blue without overwhelming.  The dresses had a delicate beaded flower pattern on the top so I incorporated copper flowers to mimic the pattern.  Earrings were a simple copper color and cream freshwater pearl design. 

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