Match Your Necklace to Your Neckline

If you’re like I used to be, you have a favorite necklace that you wear with almost everything.  The favorite might change from time to time, but for now, it’s your go-to piece.  But, I bet if you look through your closet, you will find outfits with different necklines.  Something magical happens when you learn to match your neckline to your necklace.  Creating the right combination can make you look more polished and put together, give you more confidence and draw attention to different points.  Most people think that the necklace length is the most important thing, but the shape and size of the pendant can be almost just as important.





You might be tempted to match a square pendant with a square neckline, but it can come off as too “boxy”.    Angler shapes and long necklaces are both better fits. Think a Y necklace or longer pendant.  To avoid looking mismatched, make sure you keep the length of the pendant or necklace so that it falls above the top of the neckline unless you opt for a long necklace instead.


Sweetheart necklaces emphasize the shoulders and neck (and some cleavage).  This neckline has a lot of sharp angles and open space.  A wider pendant with soft lines and curves balances out the space and sharp edges.  Princess necklaces and chokers are a perfect for this neckline.


V-necks draw attention to the upper body.  An angular pendant that matches the neckline works best.  The wider the V, the larger the pendant can be.  This neckline is also the perfect fit for layering with longer necklaces.


Chokers draw attention away from your waist and are the perfect choice for strapless necklines.  Shorter necklaces and princess necklaces also work well with this neckline. Chockers are the ultimate choice for strapless necklines.  They draw attention away from your waist.  The second best choice is a shorter or princess necklace…


Turtlenecks are very versatile.  You can wear almost any type of necklace except for a choker with them.  For the best look, wear a medium or longer piece or layered both.  They also look great with larger or statement necklaces.


Scoop necklines are even more versatile than turtlenecks,  looking great with almost any length of necklace.  Your necklace should fill some of the space that a scoop neckline leaves.  A simple pearl necklace looks amazing with this neckline.  Or you can wear chokers, big beads, pendants, longer necklaces or opt for a layered look.


Statement necklaces look great with button down collars.  If it’s long enough you can button the top all of the way up and wear the necklace over it, or leave the first button or two undone and wear underneath.  If you decide to wear a pendant necklace, make sure it falls above the opening.


Make sure you choose a pendant that is proportional to your neckline.  Different shaped beads enhance the asymmetrical look while chokers and shorter necklaces contract with it.


Sometimes the best look for a halter top is no necklace and opting for statement earrings instead, but there are exceptions.  If your top has a V-neck, choose a short narrow pendant.  Chokers draw attention to your neck instead of your chest.  Longer necklaces draw attention to your waist.


Go for a more curved or round pendant for crew necklines.  Princess-length and chokers emphasize your neck.



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