Turquoise Stone Meaning

When we think of turquoise, southwestern style is usually what comes to mind, but turquoise has been prized for centuries by the ancient Egyptians, Persians and Native Americans among others.  In fact, turquoise was mentioned in the bible as one of the stones worn in the breastplate of the high priest, Aaron.

The color turquoise is a balance of blue, green and yellow.  But when we think of turquoise, what usually comes to mind is the deep blue-green of a beautiful, tranquil coast.  In color psychology, you learn that blue Turquoise beachinduces a feeling of calm, green represents growth and yellow transmits energy.  When they are combined in just the right balance, it encourages emotional stability and creativity and drawls us to it.  It’s no wonder that turquoise is such a sought after stone.  It can be used in any style of jewelry and when added to any outfit, it brings a pop of color.

Depending on copper and iron content found in the stone, it can vary from a robin’s egg blue to a deep green to a light yellow-green to white. The stone can be set into any style of jewelry and immediately bring it to life, attracting others to us.  Known as the healing stone, it is thought to be a highly spiritual stone, but at the same time grounding.  Because of its high copper content, it is an excellent conductor.

As a little girl, vacations were road trips across the country.  The memories that stand out most to me were the stops along the way where my mother would add some unique piece of turquoise jewelry to her collection.  I was fascinated with the stone.  For many years, my love of turquoise was forgotten, but after losing my son, I found myself so drawn to it that when I started designing jewelry it was the only stone I wanted to work with.  I had to force myself to start working with and learn to appreciate other stones.  Later, after I started educating myself about the properties of the different stones and how they help us heal, I found that turquoise was one of my son’s birthstones and that the turquoise stone meaning explained a lot of why I was so drawn to it after his loss.  I knew that my spirit need calming and to find some peace and instinctively was picking up the calming energy of both the stone and the colors that soothed my soul.

Turquoise is becoming rarer, with some stones priced more than diamonds.  Less than 5% of stones mined are usable for jewelry.  Several mines have become depleted.  Much of the “turquoise” jewelry on the market today is actually dyed howlite and magnesite.  Be very careful when purchasing a stone and know the source.  We have been lucky enough to find some rare stones, some of them vintage at amazing prices and pass that pricing on to our customers.  Everyone should have their little piece of tranquility to carry with them.




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