Restringing Your Mother’s Pearls

I love creating something special for customers, using something that has a special meaning to them.  I want it to be a wonderful memory for them, not just another piece of jewelry.  One of my customers trusted me with her mother’s pearls.  I could tell by the way she handled them that they were precious to her.  But they were double stranded and one of the strings had broken.  Even if she had been able to repair them, they were too short and not her style.  We discussed different possibilities.  I wanted to know her style and for her to have something she loved and felt great wearing.  We came up with a plan.  I completely restrung the pearls into a one-stranded Y necklace, using the original clasp as the focal point, with pearls dropping from it to hold a pendant.  We also wanted her to have the ability to switch out the pendant if she wanted to so I added a sterling silver lobster claw clasp so that it can be detached and changed whenever she wants.

I’ve seen her wear it several times and overheard her telling friends the story of her mother’s pearls and how she can now wear them proudly and carry her mother’s memory with her whenever she wants.
mothers pearls    

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